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We are one of the premier Internet Marketing and Web Development Companies in the Country. We are focused on providing cost-effective solutions to the small, mid-size, and start-up business. Our multi-channel online marketing strategy is designed to drive traffic to your website, but more importantly to engage the visitor and capture information so that an ongoing dialogue can be started. 78% of the people who visit your website leave and never return, we can help change that. Database marketing is the most effective tool that companies have but few are effectively using it. At Cactus Sky we can help you reach your audience and increase your sales, contact us today.
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The most important component of any successful eMarketing initiative is to build the customer database. Unfortunately, most businesses have very few of their customer eMail Addresses. The first thing that must be done is to eMail Match the entire customer database. This process matches the existing customer's physical address to an active opt-in eMail address.

Typically we can return between 10 and 30% primary matches. And with Cactus Sky, you only pay for the valid eMail addresses we return to you.

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Sending an eMail is not only less expensive than traditional direct mail, it is the "preferred" method of communication in today's busy marketplace.

"On a typical workday, it is estimated that over 60% of business users check their email six or more times a day."

"On average, business users spend nearly an hour per day managing their email accounts."

If you are looking to transition from traditional advertising: TV, Radio, Newspaper and direct mail, to a more cost effective medium, eMail is the logical choice.

Why is eMail Marketing more powerful?

  • You can establish online relationships with your customers, providing greater customer retention and increased sales.
  • It is a trackable form of marketing, providing the opportunity to maximize your ROI (Return on Investment).
  • By linking your website to your eMail contact, you dramatically increase traffic to your website.

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Google Accounted for 90% of all US Search Growth in 2008. More importantly 79% of people do not go past the first page to find what they are looking for. If you are not listed on page one of Google as either a Free Listing or a Paid Listing you are missing business. With a carefully designed Pay Per Click campaign we can start generating leads for your company within 24 hours. By optimizing your website, it's possible to achieve outstanding FREE rankings and results in the search engines as well.

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